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Does excution by lethal injection violate the ethics of human research?


The Governor of Ohio has been wrestling with the question of whether a prisoner soon to be executed can donate his organs.  Ronald Phillips, 40, is scheduled to be executed in the next few days for the 1993 rape and murder of 3-year-old Sheila Marie Evans.  He says he would like to donate his heart and kidney to his family members who may need them.  In fact, execution by electrocution, gassing and lethal injection in an execution chamber do not go well with organ donation.  Execution deliberately tries to get vital bodily organs to stop working.  Organ procurement requires brain death with vital organs undamaged.  They don’t mix.

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Should prisoners be allowed to donate organs?


Some American politicians have discovered how to reconcile punishment and compassion: allow prisoners on death row to donate their organs. In Oklahoma Rep. Joe Dorman has suggested that extending someone else’s life by becoming an organ donor is a way for criminals to redeem themselves. "It’s Christian principles that if you can offer someone a chance of redemption, you should offer that opportunity," he said.

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Lebanese Black Market: Syrian Refugees Sell Organs to Survive


The young man, who called himself Raïd, wasn’t doing well. He climbed into the backseat of the car, in pain, careful not to touch any corners. He was exhausted and dizzy. A large bandage looped around his stomach, caked with blood. Despite that, the 19-year-old Syrian wanted to tell his story.

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Turismo de trasplantes en Costa Rica


SAN JOSÉ.- Un par de israelíes pagó seis mil dólares en 2012 a un costarricense y a un nicaragüense para comprarles dos riñones en Costa Rica y someterse los cuatro a intervenciones quirúrgicas en una clínica privada de esta capital, en una práctica de "turismo de trasplantes" que encubrió un negocio de trata de personas con fines de explotación para el tráfico de órganos.

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Study: Allowing organ donation status on Facebook increased number of donors


Could something as little as putting your organ donor status on your Facebook profile help save lives?

A new study published in the American Journal of Transplantation on June 18 showed that the social network gave a 21-fold boost to the number of people who registered themselves as organ donors in a single day.

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Bioengineered kidneys could help alleviate organ shortage

Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have created bioengineered rat kidneys which successfully filter blood and produce urine. If the technique works with humans, it could do away with the need for donor kidneys.

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Should prisoners donate organs?


Utah has become the first state to allow prisoners, even prisoners on death row, to donate organs. According to NBCNews, “In most states, accepting organs from inmates who die while in custody is permitted only rarely and under strictly controlled circumstances. No state allows donation of organs from executed prisoners.”

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China to phase out organ donation from executed criminals

05 de Noviembre de 2012

Michael Cook

China will begin phase out organ donation from executed criminals next years, as it moves towards a voluntary system, says a government expert. In an interview in the World Health Organization’s Bulletin, Wang Haibo, of the Ministry of Health, agrees that “an organ transplantation system relying on death-row prisoners’ organs is not ethical or sustainable”. Despite the existence of a black market in organs, China has banned the sale of organs.

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